Edge TMS

Designed to manage shipments from purchase order to proof of delivery, Edge TMS is a feature-rich and cloud-based transportation management system comprised of a suite of modules that provides 3PL and brokerage companies with the most competitive logistics technology in the marketplace. Built upon a series of interrelated AdvantEdge modules, Edge TMS provides the maximum amount of speed and flexibility to allow you to perform at peak efficiency throughout the day.

Edge TMS AdvantEdge Modules

Edge TMS Module - Sales AdvantEdge

Sales AdvantEdge

Manage your sales activities with our built in CRM that's fully integrated with our TMS. There is no need to purchase a third-party CRM when you can manage your sales activities in Sales AdvantEdge.

Edge TMS Module - Credit AdvantEdge

Credit AdvantEdge

Your credit department can easily manage and monitor your clients' credit reports and requests from the sales staff. Credit AdvantEdge also provides for the management of lead vetting and qualification from Sales AdvantEdge.

Edge TMS Module - Carrier AdvantEdge

Carrier AdvantEdge

Ensure your carrier base is properly qualified with the correct levels and types of insurance, proper authority, safety scores, and required documents. Carrier AdvantEdge will automatically monitor and ensure your carriers are eligible to haul your loads.

Edge TMS Module - Pricing AdvantEdge

Pricing AdvantEdge

Quickly and efficiently execute pricing requests for shipments, quotes, and bids. It provides a robust combination of both historical and third-party pricing options for all modes of transportation

Edge TMS Module - Shipment AdvantEdge

Shipment AdvantEdge

Easily manage your portfolio of loads from your customizable Shipment AdvantEdge load board. The Action Panel allows for the continuation of load processing through quick data entry that matches the pace of your fast-moving environment.

Edge TMS Module - Alerts AdvantEdge

Alerts AdvantEdge

The Alerts AdvantEdge module allows you to set up custom parameters to build alerts for proactively monitoring your loads. Alerts will automatically trigger in real time, providing alert visibility across the enterprise.

Edge TMS Module - Capacity AdvantEdge

Capacity AdvantEdge

Your one-stop-shop for quickly and easily locating the right carrier for your load. It provides quick access to historical carrier pricing as well as third-party integrations with equipment posting and pricing services.

Edge TMS Module - Document & Finance AdvantEdge

Document & Finance AdvantEdge

With multiple methods to import and process documents, your document processing is quick and painless. Accuracy and cash velocity are key to your business and the Finance AdvantEdge module provides all the visibility you need to manage your customer invoices and vendor payables, maximizing cash velocity and accurate processing of vendor payables.

Edge TMS Module - Reporting AdvantEdge

Reporting AdvantEdge

Timely access to data is critical in today's business environment. Our Reporting AdvantEdge module provides you with the access to your data when and how you need it.